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What to Expect from an Energy Reading Appointment

These sessions may be referred to as energy reading, psychic connections, intuitive reading/healing etc. Sometimes you'll hear a specific modality favored by a practitioner (oracle or tarot cards, muscle testing, reiki, etc). No one modality is superior to another but you may have a preference or find that one approach resonates more clearly with you. You may also find practitioners that don't subscribe to any one modality and allow their sessions to be Spirit-led. A Spirit-led reading (which is what I tend to offer in my services) will consist of connecting with your higher-self, setting intentions to obtain information for your highest and best good and opening the floor to the flow of energy and information that is most relevant as chosen by Source/Spirit. Sometimes sessions may explore self-healing and sometimes they may involve the healing being carried by either non-physical guides or by the practitioner. When you enter into a session for an energy reading, you may have an idea of what sort of answers you're looking for in your life. It's best to come prepared either with some questions, or just a broad topic you'd like to investigate from the spiritual side.

Some examples of topics to explore might be:

  • Past-life journeys, healings or remembrances

  • Current time-line journeys and inner-child work

  • Spirit-baby connections

  • Life path identification or how to meet your missions in this incarnation

  • Mediumship or connections with departed loved ones

  • Meeting with Spirit Guides/allies to gain insight and advise

  • Implementing strategies for doing self healing including boundaries for empaths, clearing your energy field, streaming from source etc

  • Training and honing your own psychic skills and intuition

  • Calling in certain guides or frequencies for support in a specific area (ie: career, relationships, family, etc)

  • Healing by practitioner or guidance through a self-healing process.

  • Teaching/coaching about the rules of engagement within different non-physical realms.

I offer a lot of flexibility in my readings by nature of them being Spirit-led, but it's important to note that sometimes you'll go into a reading thinking you're going to talk about your work life and Spirit will have grander plans in mind! Remember, these sessions are to promote a deeper understanding of yourself and to empower you to live your best and most aligned life, and sometimes that can look surprising!

In a session I will begin by clearing my own energy field which allows psychic information to be downloaded clearly without my own bias or personal opinion clouding the outcomes. If I do provide personal insight I will inform you that it is from me and not from your higher-self or guide. I will ask you what you're interested in exploring in our session and then start opening up to channel based on your direction. In my readings I do a mixed channelling/relay approach. What this means is that I either share what I am seeing/hearing/feeling with you through my own voice, or depending on the situation I will allow your guides to sit directly inside my physicality. When this happens you'll notice a change in my mannerisms or tone of speaking/language. I don't prefer to sit in that space for long because sometimes it becomes hard to remember what was said since I'm only sort of present for it. Generally what you'll see me do is channel a little and then clarify in my own words. I do leave room for questions and clarifications so if you ever need more information feel free to ask! Guides are happy to offer what they can! If something doesn't resonate we often need to dive deeper into the guidance we are receiving, but sometimes things just need to unpack themselves over time. Sometimes you'll have a reading and something won't make sense (like we will see an apple with no context) but then months later you'll see that exact apple somewhere as a confirmation of alignment. It's really fun to trust what comes up and follow the flow the universe provides. Especially with these little gifts of confirmation. I usually use the last 5-10 minutes to ask for any overall advise from the higher self or any guides we have been working with. To conclude we thank all of the allies that have shown up for you as well as thanking YOU for your willingness to grow and your commitment to yourself. I do provide recordings of our appointments via zoom so you'll be able to check back in as time goes by for any reminders you might need of what came up in our session.

Sessions are 30-120 minutes long (an hour is usually ideal for a first time appointment as it allows us time to connect and follow the flow of advice as well as enough time for follow-up questions.

If you're interested in scheduling a session please check out my booking information page HERE

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