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Kid's Bubble Meditationfrom Isabelle Brave
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Isabelle Brave is a scared and sensitive child that creates a system of energetic boundaries to leave her feeling safe and empowered. This book is geared towards empathic, psychic, intuitive and highly sensitive children and their caregivers to help them practice maintaining protective boundaries and quieting their nervous systems through visualization, breathing, and utilizing guides and allies for support.


Isabelle Brave is written with an intention to be inclusive and accessible. Written in Open Dyslexic font to support neuro-diverse readers, while utilizing gender neutral, LGBTQ+ friendly language and leaving verbiage open-ended with regards to family dynamics, leaves readers able to see themselves in the story easily. Instructions for a guided meditation to practice with your child are included. With soft, Waldorf inspired watercolor illustration, the imagery lends itself to the gentle, peaceful and empowered feeling you'll be left with after sharing this story with your loved ones.


Many kids with heightened intuitive abilities may struggle with the sensations that can come with clairvoyant and clairsentient receiving. Learning along with Isabelle Brave will provide them with necessary tools that will continue to serve them into adulthood.

Resources for Highly Sensitive and Intuitive Kids.

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From being and intuitive kid to raising one, there's a lot to learn. Let me take you and/or your child through the fundamentals of what it is like to cultivate these natural gifts and allow them to blossom into their full potential. I offer support for all ages dealing with subjects like nightmares/night terrors, empathy, boundaries, energetic safety and protections, and applying these blessings practically to create a more balanced life for individuals and families.

Start with a strong foundation

Evelyn writes stories that speak to the themes and lessons of her own upbringing as a highly sensitive kid as well as her experience raising her own very spirited intuitive child. Evelyn wanted to write the book she would have needed as a child to create context for the seemingly unexplainable energies she was encountering regularly. Finding the language to clearly communicate how to start implementing boundaries and protections as well as clearing the energetic field was something that Evelyn knew would empower psychic young people to embrace instead of fear their abilities. She seeks to touch on themes within her writing that can be hard to approach with children and present them with warmth and a perspective of empowerment, gratitude, integrity and understanding for the complex situations we can often find ourselves in. 


Isabelle Brave

Best for ages 2-9

Teaches energetic boundaries as well as coping skills

Dyslexia friendly font

No gendered language



You can also find Isabelle Brave on shelves at the following stores. 

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Kiss the Sky Bookstore, Sultan WA

Quest Bookshop, Seattle WA


Away in Stars

Suitable for all ages

Heart-warming story of love and connection

Touches on themes of reincarnation and spirit babies

Holds space for grief/loss

Stunning mixed media premium color art spreads

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