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Class Offerings

Each course runs 2-4 times a year. All courses are currently offered on zoom and hosted through One Illuminated.

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Cultivating Self-Love and the Art of Ethical Manifestation

We will help you learn to unlock your full potential, break down different manifestation styles, learn to read our pre-programed limitations, and adjust our own belief structures to facilitate manifesting as second nature. In this course we will explore the systems that hold us back and how to unfold your aligned path with little resistance and magnetize yourself to your goals by integrating a practice of self-affection that is authentic, palpable, and designed with you in mind. You will leave this class with the understanding of how to bring your dreams into the physical and access your divinity to call in desired outcomes and with an innate understanding of your self-worth


Next class starts Oct. 14th



Queerness in the Metaphysical

A special topic for LGBTQ+ and allies/practitioners that serve these communities as well as those that would just like to learn more! We will discuss the impacts of divine masculine and divine feminine through a queer lens, explore the impact of the language we use in readings and in personal spiritual work, and share our experiences with navigating the often segregated or exclusionary spaces where spirit work is performed. We will cover topics like identifying the use of the womb-space beyond gender, how different spirit realms handle gender identity and human sexuality, and why spiritual communities operate under the binary and how to create meaningful societal shifts that support ourselves and our communities.


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Sliding Scale

$50- LGBTQIA+ and youth 

$150- Standard comittment

$222- Abundance/Ally


Raising Your Intuitive Child

This series will explore the resources we can provide to our highly sensitive, intuitive, and/or empathic children and how to access the support systems we may need for ourselves in the process. We will do a deep dive into the experience of these beings (as well as our own inner children) to learn how to best provide them with protection and access to the tools they will need to thrive as young light beings. 


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Intuitive Development Series:

Level 1 Foundations

Level 1-Foundations: This course is offered through One Illuminated® and is intended to introduce foundational aspects of intuitive development and does require practice and homework. In our experience, students advance more readily when they are committed to being fully present for classes, actively ask questions to eliminate learned resistance and/or blocks, and are able to commit to doing the homework. Please note that each person does advance according to their own soul’s roadmap and some students may find themselves blossoming later than others.

The core curriculum includes deconstructing the veil (pathways to receiving through subtle energies); attuning to vibration (connecting to higher self/non-physical spirit allies, guides, teachers); maintaining well-being (clearing, streaming vs. depleting, consumption); working with the energy body; intuitive healing. There are three levels of the Intuitive Development Series. You can find more information at


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The Mirror Grid Method: Self Reflection

In this class you will learn to fill out and interpret your own Mirror Grid to accurately assess your personal strengths and weaknesses and learn the most authentic and practical ways to navigate these self truths. Evelyn will guide you through the tools gifted to her by Metatron and Athena to emerge from your chrysalis with a wider perspective and understanding of your programing and functionality. 

What is The Mirror Grid? Click Here to learn more. 

This course is designed for students that are primed to work on themselves in an honest and dedicated way. Participants will need to be curious and self-aware, with an interest in the “why” of their own actions/reactions. Students will need to be invested in understanding their own influence and power over their life outcomes and have an eagerness for growth and willingness to hold themselves accountable. This is an intensive class rooted in hard shifts towards personal alignment.


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Scholarships Available!

If you feel called to this work and course offerings but need financial assistance please visit the scholarship page 


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20%-100% scholarships

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Evelyn is a fantastic intuitive! I have had the pleasure of taking two classes on Intuitive Development that she taught. Her real-life experiences add a unique flavor to the services she delivers. Growing up a young intuitive, she offers guidance to parents for their children to help them navigate this mysterious world.

Evelyn also has a wonderful way of clearly articulating so her clients understand fully what is needed to be done. The actionable guidance she channels has helped me in many situations. I cannot recommend her enough!

Tiffany Williams, Psychic Practitioner

I took the raising your intuitive child class because I was lost. I knew my son had a gift but I didn’t know how to support him with it. Evelyn helped me understand how to nurture his growth and showed me I’m not alone. I would highly recommend this class for anyone raising an intuitive child. She will give you tools to help them feel safe and loved while they go through their journey.

Star Morris

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