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How do I become a Psychic?

I frequently hear the question "how do I know if I am a psychic?" or "How do I practice?" Starting on your journey to becoming an intuitive, wether personally or professionally can feel like a long climb! The most important thing to remember is that this is a life-path. This isn't a skill that you get a degree in and are then magically qualified to practice. Committing yourself to the ongoing growth journey, walking the walk is crucial to being an ethical practitioner. Energetic hygiene is an ongoing practice as well. Requiring you to be responsible for the kind of energy you are circulating and emitting and being sure you're not absorbing anything that could cloud the effectiveness of your reading.

That said...Everyone is already psychic to some degree. These are skills that we are innately gifted with, like our senses. Some people will have these abilities come to them very naturally, they may not even realize how often they use them. Often relying on "gut instinct" or "just knowing" things. Other people may feel they need to train or unlock these skills. I encourage people to either work with a mentor (either in the spirit realm or the physical) or attend some classes designed to develop these skills. Classes will give you a lot of opportunities to practice energy reading. To notice how information comes in, how you can tell if it is accurate, how to interpret any misinformation that you get and troubleshoot. Having good spiritual allies in the form of spirit guides is also useful for crosschecking if your information is correct. It takes trust and vulnerability to begin to practice because many people feel they need to get everything right all the time, even as a beginner! It's ok to be a student, you're allowed to make mistakes while you're experimenting with this skill. Surround yourself with people that approach this practice with a play-based and curious energy. We all need a safe room to grow and explore!

There is what I would call a "textbook" side of learning about this work. Having a cognitive understanding of the different spirit realms, energy systems including chakras, meridians, dan tiens etc will aid you in navigating these spaces. Knowing what different types of guides look like, sound like, feel like, etc will help you be clear on who you are speaking with when you're gaining information from these types of beings. Understanding elemental symbolism and how earth energies interact will benefit you as well. These kinds of things can be learned from a teacher or from individual research. Know that not all information that you find in the world will be correctly aligned for you. Even if someone speaks confidently about the information they are sharing, please be sure to check in with yourself and your own energy. If something doesn't feel right then you need to explore to find your own truth.

Then there is learning about the rules of engagement of the psychic world. Establishing appropriate boundaries so that you don't participate in psychic voyeurism. Getting permission before reading another person. Knowing under what conditions departed people will come speak at a mediumship reading. Understanding cultural permissions required for certain practices. These issues should all be handled by a practicing psychic. We cover much of this content in my launch pad sessions as well as in the level 1 intuitive development class series through one illuminated.

Once you have these basics covered you can explore more of the practical side of things. Doing practice exercises by yourself (like using oracle cards and trying to make predictions about either the imagery or the meanings). Intuitive guessing games, like trying to guess the time before you look at the clock. Having a friend write a question on a piece of paper without showing you and then trying to answer the question without knowing what it is can be a fun practice as well. Building trust in your ability to receive accurate information through practice and confirmation is a big part of the early learning process.

You may also benefit from building your spiritual practice through guided meditations that help you get more efficient with traversing the non-physical realms. I have a collection of them on the shop page HERE. I recommend starting with "meeting your spirit guides" because once you meet your primary spiritual development allies you can work with them whenever you want and they can answer any questions that come up for you.

If you have any questions about the pathway to becoming a psychic practitioner, leave a comment or email me directly at

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