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Grandma's dead...but you're a medium

You'll have to bear with me as I cope with grief through humor. But really I do want to answer the question "What happens when someone you know dies but you know how to talk to dead people?"

This month my grandma passed away. I was extremely unprepared for it. She was the last of my grandparents I thought would die first. She never acted old even for a moment. She was cool and very interested in fashion and design. She had long hair and tattooed eyeliner and a beautiful collection of art. She was a lifelong artist and painted these giant, grand, abstract pieces for most of her life. I attribute most of my artistic interest and talent to her. She was someone that gifted me with this belief of my own limitlessness around creation. If we dreamed it, we could make it, and she would take us out to get the materials.

I woke up the morning she died very suddenly and earlier than normal. I experienced what I will often refer to as a "download" of psychic information. This had to do with color and light vibrations and the way they work together with math concepts to create art. It was very interesting but I just assumed it was my guides giving me some content for a class series and I asked them to talk to me about it later cause it was early.

I learned a few hours later that was the moment my grandma had passed away. I opened back up to her a bit after I had let the grief move through me. I was in shock for most of the day and we were making arrangements with the family and the coroner and sitting in her room and saying goodbye etc. When I started trying to connect again she was there immediately and I knew she was the one giving me all the information earlier in the day. She was so excited, like as soon as she stopped being tethered to a physical body she had this intense remembrance of all of this non-physical information that as an artist she was working with all the time but she didn't have an explanation for it. It felt sweet that she crossed, had this knowing, and then immediately came to tell me about it from the after-life. Since then I have spent hours putting together this class content that will explore the resonance of color, light, and sound and how we can use them for healing. Stay tuned for that, as I will have my grandma co-teach with me through channeling.

She sounds like her still when I hear her, but she doesn't look like her. She is a shapeless and limitless being of color and light. She told me "When we die we become the art." I knew this to be true immediately upon holding her paintings and running my fingers over them. Feeling her energy in her creations. I told my partner that the paintings feel more like her than her body did. As I sat with her body I felt emptiness, truly just a vessel that once contained her. But as I sit with her art, there she is.

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