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What Spirit babies have to say about Abortion, Infertility, and Pregnancy-loss

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

This can be such a sensitive topic, but one very close to my heart, so I will share the findings I have encountered through my work with Spirit babies and the Spirit baby realm as a collective.

Spirit babies are the soul essence of a being before they become incarnate. Spirit baby realm has a few different assignment categories. The most common as we know them would be babies passing through the realm on their way to earth. If you have seen the movie "soul" it's honestly not that far off. In this phase they are reflecting on their missions and goals in the next life, and looking for parents and other souls to form contracts with (or that they already have contracts with) to serve as their pathway to their work. I will usually describe this process as "choosing their parents". This can bring up lots of questions however, I will do my best to answer all of them here.

"Why would I choose my awful parents?"

First let's clarify the difference between a soul level choice and a human level choice. Soul level choices have different motivations than we perceive on the human level. Of course no one would ever consciously choose abuse, oppression, trauma etc. Soul level choices aren't necessarily looking at the entire detailed picture of our lives and everything that will go into our existence. They are looking for opportunity and balance (some would define this as karma). They are looking for magnetism and growth and mirroring. So no, your soul isn't up there like "I know! Let's get molested!"

Human level choices are impacted by our humanness. the way we experience traumas and emotions. We have control over our human choices in a different way than our souls are considering when they make our general blue print. The other thing to consider here is that we have free will as humans. It's an innate part of the experience that allows for flexibility and impact (it also just keeps things interesting!) So many of our life experiences aren't actually pre-planned, but rather were adapted based on either our influence or someone else's. The energy is always adjusting to respond to the current frequency so even if something major gets disrupted, the universe just adjusts to the new truth.

"I'm adopted, did I choose my adoptive parents or my birth parents?"

This answer is always "it depends". Sometimes it's one or the other, many times it's both. Sometimes it's birth parents but something related to free will caused a situation that would lead to adoption. Soul families aren't always birth families. This is very important to remember. Sometimes birth families are just a vessel to bring you here. And sometimes you've been connected to them over and over through many past lives. The only way to know for sure is to observe the connection and it's origins or discuss it with your higher self. I'm happy to facilitate these connections as well, if you're interested in booking a session you can do so HERE

"If I struggle with infertility does that mean a soul never chose me?"

No! There's a lot that goes into a soul being able to come through. Physical issues do not mean spirit babies aren't interested in you, it just means they have a hard time coming in or staying in. Those struggles can be rooted so many different energetic systems it would be hard for me to list them all here. If you're interested in Spirit baby communication, Jess Mckeown is an amazing Spirit baby medium you can connect with or book a parent/child connection reading with me HERE

"When does a soul enter a body?"

This is another "it depends" type question. From what I have observed it is based on the temperament of the Spirit baby and what their needs are. Sometimes they take awhile to get acclimated to being in a body so they may sort of pop in and out. They describe it as "priming" the vessel. Some Spirit babies have a quick cross over and won't pop in until the moment of birth (this was the case with my daughter). Some souls are eager and want to experience absolutely everything so they enter very early. Regardless, they don't really form a deep connection to their bodies until a bit later anyway.

"I had an abortion, is my Spirit baby ok? Are they mad at me?"

Spirit babies that don't come through for whatever reason haven't had time to develop an intense connection to their physical bodies. They are generally existing still in the Spirit realm so they haven't formed human-style attachments. As such, they don't harbor resentments or hard feelings towards potential family.

"What about miscarriage?"

Sometimes the conditions just aren't right, the timing, the partner, the energy. This isn't anything you necessarily need to DO anything about, but communicating with your Spirit baby can gain you more specific insight to your situation. Some babies are particularly finicky! My daughter specifically wanted to come through an involved conception process like IVF. She wanted to see a certain level of planning and dedication. She also knew I needed to integrate lessons on patience and flexibility before I would be ready to parent her. There is also one type of Spirit baby that never intends to come Earth-side. Their entire role is to hold space for those kinds of experiences. Maybe they have contracts to work out with us and they can do it without coming through, or maybe they know we will gain a valuable insight from our pregnancy experience regardless of its' outcome. They tend to be teachers and messengers or even guardians and guides. Sometimes in cases of miscarriage especially, a baby will come through that wants to "try on" being a person. They don't always fully realize the struggle that can be for those of us that want them so badly to be here with us.

"What if I am chosen by a Spirit baby but I don't want more/any kids?"

This happens. All you have to do is renegotiate the contract. Again, they do not take it personally. They will find another aligned vessel and connection. If you have contracts together on Earth they will find a different way to meet them with you. You can explain to them that they need to either find another way to come through or that they can remain with you as a guide in the spirit realm. Often times they will take this option since they aren't as tied to timelines as we are.

Overall it's important to retain the perspective that Spirit Babies have a really beautiful grace and playfulness to their nature. They are eager to communicate so don't be afraid to check in with them! If you have any further questions please leave your comments and I will be sure to address them!

For video content on this subject you can check out my tiktok HERE and HERE

If you want to learn more about how to read energy or communicate with Spirit Babies and guides, check out my classes (especially Level 1) HERE

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What if you aborted but you really regret it and you did want that spirit baby but then it won't come back to you. How can you get that one back to you. How can you ask it to come back to you ?? I aborted on the notion multiple friends had said it would come back to me and now I feel so stupid about it as I already had that exact spirit. I feel so much pain and regret and I didn't listen to my intuition. Even whej they were knocking me out I wanted to say wait I'm not ready hut the words didn't come out. How can I ever forgive myself when I feel so much…

Evelyn Kennedy
Evelyn Kennedy
04 de dez. de 2021
Respondendo a

You absolutely can commune with that spirit and ask them to come back. (Many already plan for it). Your baby is there when you’re ready.


Isn’t abortion a contract between the soul of a mother and a soul of a child?

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