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The Rise of Escapism Through the Spirit Realm

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

I've witnessed an unfortunate trend arising within the spiritual community (particularly the white spiritual community). This is something I have had awareness of previously but it is becoming more prevalent as the reach of social media and cultural toxicity is more impactful than ever before. People turn to spiritual practices as a source of comfort and understanding. They look for ways to heal themselves and bring the best of themselves forward. Unfortunately, some of the pathways to this work have become clouded.

If you spend any time in metaphysical spiritual circles, you will find talk about "5D", "the matrix", "levels of ascension" etc. While these concepts are interesting, and could be useful to some people, we need to be mindful of remaining grounded in the fact that we are participating in human reality. It's as if a subset of the community wishes to transcend the human experience altogether. We need to retain focus on the fact that we are spirit beings having a HUMAN experience. The point of this work is to integrate lessons from the spirit planes into our human experience. If we constantly chase further and further false, or ego-driven enlightenment, we remove ourselves from the divinity of being human. Ultimately this does a huge disservice to the missions we have chosen to serve here on earth. I have had people ask me "what plane of ascension" I have reached. When I receive these questions I am always confused about the intent. Does it matter? Who is defining "levels of ascension"? I've never seen Source energy bother with heirarchal or comparative systems so why are we? If anything Spirit seems to know that our journeys are fractal in nature and non-linear.

You may also see evidence of this through an over-reliance on hallucinogens wether plant medicine or human-made substances. If we are constantly seeking out mind-blowing spiritual visions without seeing the spirituality right in front of us, we lose sight of the entire point of coming to earth at all. Why bother seeking this "God level knowing" if we don't apply it here on earth? This isn't to say there is no spiritual path that involves plant medicine, but rather that if your ONLY spiritual revelation comes from altared states, you will want to introspect on if you could be applying the lessons in a different way. Often times you'll see this mindset of escapism lead to spiritual bypassing and gate-keeping.

I've seen some people that are critical of the movement towards spiritual practice pointing out the ways that these forms of spirituality can be a way of disassociating. I'm inclined to see the validity of their point in many of these situations where the spirit practice seems aesthetic, ungrounded, or avoidant of actual personal introspection.

So take your spirit journeys, but then be sure you're following them up with integration of all the lessons and teaching. Merging your spirit lessons with your human life. Don't spend all your time travelling until you forget what it means to be home in your body, since that is what we came here to do afterall.


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