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The Ethics of Energy Work and Manifestation

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

As you go through the process of intuitive/personal development, generally you see an incremental increase over time, just like with any skill. But there is a sort of tipping point that happens when you reach the stage where you can really step into your power. Once you start realizing the extent of your divinity and the influence we really have as spirit beings, a really alarming sensation can happen. I want to describe it as a feeling of intense overwhelm. Or like an uncomfortable opening (not unlike childbirth). I frequently am reminded "with great power comes great responsibility" (thanks Spiderman). This is so true with regards to manifesting. Ideally your ability to manifest intentionally will have been built on the infrastructure of strong energetic boundaries and a system of personal ethics.

Ethicality in the spirit realm is often overlooked unfortunately. When I watch a medium on a tv show randomly approaching a woman in the grocery story to share a message from her dead grandma, some people would think "cool!" I however think "WOW how horribly unboundaried". Part of opperating ethically as a medium or energy reader involves knowing what is for you to observe in the first place, and creating systems to prevent information that is "energetic noise". Just because you CAN read something doesn't mean you should. If you are opperating as such a wide open channel that entities can access you at all times and through any context, you want to evaluate what else you might be inviting. When we talk about the idea of like energies attracting like energies, what sort of energetic frequencies are held by voyerism? It should feel uncomfortable for you to peer places you aren't invited, especially a persons innermost, private workings and thoughts. You can trust this discomfort. You want to establish that you are a high vibrational channel as well. Not allowing just any old messaging from any old spirit. Only guides, entities, spirits or energetics that are in the highest and best good of your client should be permitted into your readings. This will eliminate trickster type energetics as well as guides that may not actually be dedicated to the client and instead be attached to someone else in the clients field. You'll notice here that I am also refering to anyone you are reading as a client. This is because seeing any energy reading practice as a professional one can help you maintain professional boundaries. Don't go around reading your partner or your kids or your mom without consent. Consent is something that you'll have to create your own system of rules around. Some practitioners feel comfortable with energetic consent, or consent from a higher-self. Some require verbal consent from all parties being read. My general rule for my practice is that I am reading for the highest and best good of the person in front of me. Guidance for them will come from their guides directly. If they have a question about someone not present, I will explain that the information about that person will only be about the pieces that pertain to the client and the advice/perspective that they might benefit from and nothing that extends past that.

When we start relating ethics to manifestation we start addressing topics like the erasure of systemic limitations like white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, bigotry, xenophobia etc. All of these things contribute to the real world ways that we are able to manifest. If we approach manifestation without a mindfulness towards these things you'll see an immense rise of privilege being mistaken for manifestation. This happens anyway when the cultural idea of "manifestation" begins to correlate with "greed" instead of "abundance". Abundance mindset is a beautiful thing, but because of how intertwined we are culturally in capitalism, we begin to believe that abundance is only about material wealth which does a major disservice to the expansiveness of true abundance energetics. We alo need to check our beliefs about the limitations of abundance (or greed). Do we think someone has to have less than us for us to have more? Do we call in abundance through predatory energetics? Do we opperate from a scarcity mindset that triggers us to harvest from others phsyically or energetically? Checking in with where you stand is the responsible way to integrate an ethical manifestation practice. The intention of my work and my classes on these topics is to shift the toxic ideaologies that have begun to infiltrate the spiritual community and call in practitioners to check on their own ethics, integrity, and biases within their personal and professional spiritual work. If you want to learn more please check out The Art of Self Love and Ethical Manifestation course on the class page HERE

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