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How to Commune with Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is comprised of shapes that represent the building blocks of our universe and of ourselves. These shapes contain knowledge that bridges the gap between science/math and spirit. We have really only scratched the surface of understanding when it comes to these images, but over the existence of humanity we see the same patterns occurring again and again on all scales, from micro to macro, from molecules to the cosmos.

Images of sacred geometries like the Platonic solids, flower of life, seed of life, Metatron's cube, the Sri yantra etc. can be found in artwork and sacred spaces of many religions. These shapes are often found in nature and can be represented mathematically (like fibonacci's spiral aka the golden ratio).

There's tons of information to be discovered and one way you can connect is through meditative journeying. If you want to work with these geometries it can be really useful to draw them (or represent them mathematically) yourself to understand the ways they come together and how the shapes, angles and ratios interact within them. Represented below is a Metatron's cube, all five Platonic solids fit within a Metatron's cube.

If you are experienced in astral journeying wether guided or self-directed, you'll likely find it relatively simple to call in these shapes or build them in front of you. All you have to do is set the intention to learn from these shapes. As you work with them, keep your curiosity open. You can ask questions like "What does this shape represent?" "How can I use this geometry in my daily life?" "Where did this shape originate?" "What does this shape want me to know?""How does this shape contribute to the world around me?"

You may also find that other Spirit guides like to come forward as you interact with these shapes. Different tools resonate with different allies in the non-physical realm, and sometimes you'll be lucky enough to work with an expert on a certain topic. Practice the art of inquiry and follow your journey wherever it may lead you. If you want to explore under the guidance or supervision of an expert, check out the Book a Session section HERE

If you feel particularly called to Metatron's cube, I work directly with Metatron in my course creations and they would love you to join them in The Mirror Grid course series if you feel the resonant frequencies. You can learn more on the Take a Class page HERE

For a quick video breakdown of sacred geometry, check out my TikTok HERE

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