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Extra Sensory Perception? Or Sensory Processing Disorder?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

What classifies something as a disorder instead of a super power? Why are some of our quirks seen as something to overcome and some of them are seen as a gift? Generally the distinction is made by how much it impacts our lives, and how we perceive it (or by how doctors, parents, etc perceive it). A diagnosis of SPD feels like something to manage with occupational therapy and coping techniques (and these are highly useful tools worth utilizing), but I found it just as useful to rebrand my SPD with ESP and honor the experience as a gift instead of a disorder. I wonder how many times ESP and SPD coincide. I imagine if I would have learned to receive the energetic messaging and see my sensitivity as a gift of sorts if it would have become more managable for me in childhood. Through my training and practice I have learned to work more gracefully with my sensitivities instead of feeling so burdened by them.

When I was little, my sensory experiences had to do with me feeling ungrounded in my body. This is a symptom that persists with me still. I craved the sensation of being squeezed. I would have my mom tie the waistband tighter than she was comfortable with, same with my shoes. As an adult I love a weighted blanket. It's such a tough spot to be in as a child when you know your shirt is so itchy it feels like you could tear your skin off and everyone is telling you it's a perfectly soft shirt. I still get waves of random itchiness that seem to come from nowhere and I'm incredibly sound sensitive, certain noise frequencies trigger my fight or flight. The difference is that now I can scan the energetics of my discomfort. Am I processing a lot of grief? Do I feel out of control? Do I need grounding? Is this discomfort even from me or did I empathically take it on from elsewhere?

In the case of empathic absorption, just acknowledging that a sensation isn't actually for me will often allow it to leave my body. Creating concious release and implementing boundaries helps keep my energetic stimuli at a comfortable level. SPD feels like the energy field around each of my cells is tuned to a super sensitive frequency and sometimes they create a feedback loop that just builds and builds ultimately causing a need for a reset of sorts wether through intense stimuli or sensory deprivation.

Overall, the ability to perceive subtle sensations that seem unusual to other people equips me for my practice as an energy worker since the entire basis of reading energy is through perceiving subtle frequencies. And having my own sensory needs helped me understand my daughters and provide her with a different set of tools than I had as a child. Ultimately wether it's ESP or SPD it's still a gift for me, even though sometimes it means my skin has to crawl when I hear someone eating cheerios.


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