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Exploring the Spirit Realms

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Let's start off by defining "realms". A spirit realm is a plane of existence that holds certain energetic frequencies. For example Earth/physical realm holds human and animal beings that exist in the physical but also elemental type beings, plant energies etc. Angelic realm obviously for angels. Departed realm for recently deceased souls. Realm of the ascended masters. etc. understanding these realms is useful in expanding your spiritual practice and fine tuning your ability to read and interpret psychic information. In One Illuminated level 2 intuitive development class we take students through an in-depth guided journey series to each realm (more than are listed here). Part of what makes these journeys so useful is that we learn the ways each realm shows up for our interpretation. For example, it's very common for angels to show themselves as a color or a light, where ascended masters usually present to me in a physical form with a golden aura. There are also many lessons to be learned within each realm that pertain to the rules and structure that apply to each area. For example, angels prefer to be invoked, asked for, or called upon rather than sort of following us around. Departed people have a somewhat linear process in post life that is worth acknowledging and being mindful not to interrupt. You may also find that sometimes energies present themselves as a collective from a realm or council with a certain mission. Knowing the kinds of missions each realm serves can help you remain aligned with your own guides but also when instructing others.

There are many ways to journey with the realms, but if you are begining your practice, I highly suggest using a guided visualization and utilizing a tour guide. This can be a representative of the realm that you ask to guide you or a guide from that realm that you are already familiar with. Be sure to ask them about the rules of the realm, missions, structure, how they interface with humanity, etc. Get curious! This is something you can do with a mentor or teacher in a class or with a recording. As always when you are journeying, be sure to clear yourself thoroughly before and after to avoid transporting residual frequencies that don't serve you or the realm. For more info on clearing, check out my guided meditative recordings on the shop page titled "intentional journeys through the spirit realm". And if you're interested in expanding your repertoire of the realms and processes for exploring them, check out OI Level1 and 2 intuitive development classes on my Take a Class page

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