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Dismantling the "Work is Worth" Mindset

Capitalism has engrained in us that our entire purpose is to feed the machine. To drive ourselves into the ground. If you're not hustling then you're no one. You're nothing. You have no value to society. Of course when you spend time with that idea, it's easy to see it's not true. But we keep operating as if it is.

There's a funny thing that I see so many people doing, including myself. Where at the end of the day you tally up what you accomplished on a sort of mental check-list. It gives us a little bit of dopamine to check things off the list and celebrate our achievements. These things don't tend to be particularly meaningful. Sometimes my list sounds like this: "I went to the store, made soup, did my post-office errand, worked on my website and did two readings." then the little voice in my head says "good job, you're worthy today...but tomorrow you might not make the cut." My skin crawls just hearing that now! Are you tallying up your points for the day?

Took out the trash +5 points of worthiness as a human

Did the laundry +10 worthiness points but only +5 if you don't put it away

Laid in bed too long -45 points

This score keeping has to stop. I challenge you to break this habit by correcting yourself while you're in the checklist process by adding a simple addendum. "And I'd still have value even if I didn't" to the end of the list. It's a simple shift that will slowly sink in and maybe you'll notice you stop sitting with your list making quite so intently.

I often challenge myself with the thought: So what if I DID just lay in bed all day? Then what? And the answer is: YOU. ARE. STILL. WORTHY. You are still worthwhile and lovable and YES even PRODUCTIVE. Caring for yourself, responding to the needs of your body for rest, responding to the needs of your mind for stillness and quiet IS productive. SLEEP is productive. PLAY is productive!

Let's reclaim the concept of productivity together. We can explore your stories around worth and productivity and where they come from in an intuitive reading session and start reprogramming you back into alignment with the goals of your higher-self.

You can schedule a session by clicking HERE

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