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Aesthetic Witchery

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

While it's exhilerating to see such a powerful collective movement towards an understanding of the power of energy work and magnetism, it's a bit of a double edged sword in some regards. On the one hand I see this amazing growing interest in spirituality and empowerment practices and on the other I see a diluted and meaningless misunderstanding of what "witchcraft" is even about.

If you spend any time on social media you'll see the memes, the curated look, the American Horror Story Coven vibe. Everyone wants the hats and the sigils and the septum ring. Or the other frequently served up vibe of rose quartz and rosemary, appropriated dream catcher and fairy spell bottles.

Look, I'm a taurus, I get it. I get the allure of the "lewk" and I will acknowledge that there is power in the performance. But my fear is that we are losing the truth of the practice in favor of aesthetics. This is also a big component of white supremacy in spirituality, liking the way something looks so lets just take it for ourselves regardless of what it means, how it's used, or where it came from. It's our job to decolonize our practice and opperate ethically in our spirituality.

Take crystals for example, we understand that everything holds frequency, so certain minerals can harness certain attributes. But if we believe that these crystals are capable of holding a charge that can be diverted into us, why don't we care more about ethically sourced crystals? If there's literal blood on these stones we have to assume that those frequencies are present within them as well. We seek to take energy from these gems but not to heal them. We are feeding a system of consumption energy rather than creation energy which is what we are supposed to be doing with all this power!

I see the same thing with oracle or tarot cards. It's treated like a game at first, but then slowly I see people building a reliance on the cards (and even worse, the explanations in the book that come with the cards) which disempowers them from devloping their own energetic connection with the deck, and the guides that bring the messages, as well as limiting their ability to make the connections for themselves. The art of inquiry is lost. Many common uses of oracle decks are essentially the same energetic vibration that taking a buzzfeed quiz is. Tools are supplemental. They are an asset and embelishment to your practice, but they are not required. Some people receive information best through the use of divinatory tools (tea leaves, runes, cards, pendulum etc), but please be sure that you aren't relying on these tools as a crutch. You may find when reading for someone that is a skeptic, cards can be useful for confirmation or affirmation. I compell you to perform the reading, and then turn cards to affirm the information to a skeptic party.

I see often times that what magnetizes people to their spiritual path IS the aestehtics. So we have a bit of a conundrum, if people are truly finding their purpose, identifying their spiritual missions on Earth, and doing the work they came here to do because they thought 'oh thats pretty and I want to be closer to it.' then maybe there's no harm...But I'm compelled to feel otherwise. The disservice that the spiritual community faces every time we are misrepresented is significant (I mean it literally led to real life witch trials at one point). The risks of an uninformed or purely aesthetic practice with no interest in personal development, creation, transmutation, or support creates a system where we fail by our own hands. With no ability to introspect, we can't move forward. We become stagnant, stuck in this pretty little witchy snowglobe that we have made, relying on messages from a book of cards instead of from ourselves and our guides.

It is our responsibility to check ourselves on the ways we contribute to this spiritual objectification and put effort into disallowing it to impact our connection to the spirit realms. Making a commitment to being an ethical practitioner is the first step.

If you are someone that has gotten trapped in the circle of consumption, or found yourself unable to practice without expensive tools, I encourage you to challenge yourself to read the underlying energy without these extra steps. Try 60 days with no tools and the intention to grow your abilities in any of the clairs (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizence, clairaliance etc) or mediumship. I can't wait to hear the ways that you unlock! Please share your findings in the comments.

If you're interested in fine tuning the ethicality of your practice I suggest we explore your alignment to your path in a private reading. We also explore these concepts in the Level 1 Intuitive Development courses. and in The Art of Self-Love and Ethical Manifestation Course

For more on this subject you can check out my tiktoks HERE and HERE

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