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Accepting the Limitations of the Body

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The body/mind/spirit connection is a well documented phenomenon (though not always widely held or accepted in western cultures). I often find myself eager to spend so much time in mind and spirit and so little in my body. As such my body is calling out for me all the time. Using pain to draw attention and hoping maybe one day I listen to it lovingly instead of with frustration and anger at it's failings. It sounds like I ignore my body when I say it this way, but this isn't really the case. I feel my body so intensely, so acutely. It feels sharp and hot and itchy and wrong. It triggers me into a defensive mode. Like I need to protect my spirit from my body or protect my body from my self. This manifests as autoimmune problems, internal war where I am the enemy and the defender. When I use my own expertise to look at the energetics at play, I can see that my soul signature is of a frequency that has a hard time existing in material density. I can see that I can elevate the vibration of my body to some extent but there are some laws of physicality that I have agreed to abide by by agreeing to be on earth. I also have (as many of you may as well) the tendancy to store my (and sometimes other peoples) emotions in my body instead of releasing them. This has improved with my increasing knowledge and practice of how to allow emotions to express naturally without supression. But the pain lingers, which means the frustration lingers.

I wanted to share with you a nugget of wisdom that I was gifted from a student that is a somatic body work practitioner. It was something that is probably more obvious to people who are either more grounded than I am or have perhaps lived more human lives. She shared that the body heals at a slower rate than the mind or the spirit. When she said it I thought "duh! like of course!" She explained that the body heals at the rate of physical digestion. No wonder I feel so irritated with my body! I can't force my wounds to heal in my body with the snap of a finger or a shift in belief the same way that I can in my non-physical form. As she spoke I envisioned myself trying to will a scab to heal, or even more ridiculous, willing an actively bleeding wound to heal. It takes as long as it takes for your cells to turn over, for your bodys' natural systems of protection to boot up and get to work, sending their messages, white blood cells, plasma etc to repair this vessel.

If you find yourself resonating with my work, you may have a similar story. I invite you to join me on this path of discovery and integrating the lessons of a soft shift and gentle healing.

I am someone that likes immediate gratification (as I speculate most people do). As such, I've really enjoyed coming into the realization of my psychic abilities partly because when you're doing spiritual work, you can see those instant turn around times. It's not uncommon to have those "light bulb" moments where everything clicks and you say "oh wow! Look at how I've been getting in my own way!" and then you can decide to stop doing that thing (or not). But I still have to learn to integrate and allow my body healing to unfold in the timeline that is required by the human body. I've decided I'm dedicating myself (again, and again and again) to this practice of understanding and ultimately healing the body. I've enrolled in a Harmonic Anatomy course through One Illuminated and journeyed with many practitioners. Surely this will be something I am able to teach my students about some day, but for now, I'm the learner.

To learn more about the body healing session I mentioned in this post, please visit the SPRE website

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