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This guided meditative journey will take you through the process of uniting your higher self with the higher self of your partner. This is an excellent tool for deepening heart connection, resolving conflict, fostering understanding of your agreements and mirrors with a partner. If you have ever wondered about the energetics of your soul connection to eachother, this is the tool that will help you explore those depths. The journey begins by focusing on the self and then integrating the impact of the union.


Guided journeys rely on visualization, mindfulness, body sensations, clear knowing and trust. Journeys are usually about five minutes in length but connections should be maintained for 15-20 minutes or until you feel resolved. Use journeying as much as you would like to enhance your spiritual pathway and integrate the lessons of the journeys into your life.

Lovers Connection-Guided Meditative Journey

  • Returns are available on non-customized physical products within 30 days of purchase. Customized or digital products are not elligible for return.

  • This product is intended for personal use only. For use in commercial settings please contact Evelyn Kennedy at for licensing rights. 

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