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Follow the sweet story of one curious soul family as they find eachother again and again through space and time. Touching on themes of loss, reincarnation, and soul contracts, this story will leave readers wanting to cozy up with their loved ones and express gratitude for the ways we all serve eachother through our lifetimes. 


The collage art style and premium color print quality lends itself to the idea that we are all intrinsically connected, made from stardust and re-visting each other in various forms through eternity. 


Inspired by the journey of infertility, grief, and the bittersweetness of growing and raising children, Away in Stars is an honoring of parenthood in all forms and gratitude for the paths we find ourselves on.


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Away in Stars-Hardcover

SKU: 364215375135191
  • 8"x8" Hardcover format, 

    30 pages

    Written and illustrated by Evelyn Kennedy

    Lovingly crafted using multimedia collage style imagery.

    Spirit-led story telling

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