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My guiding principals for my practice are client serving, authenticity, honesty, gratitude, integrity and alignment.

I'm proud to offer services to those that find themselves in natural transition states. After my own struggles with post-partum depression, divorce and honoring my sexuality, I realized our society's deep need for mentors of grief, loss, transition and change. My goal is to empower others in their lowest places and aid in the perspective shift of gratitude and strength, while honoring the unique unfolding of the emotional process. Acting as a guide through dark and lonely waters. My intention is for you to leave our sessions with new tools and understandings of your individual metamorphosis.

One way that my sessions differ from many other energy workers is that I do not offer healing sessions in the traditional sense. I believe that the best way to experience a graceful conclusion to chrysalis stage is to dig deep and view the invitations you experience for personal growth with respect and gratitude, and only you can be responsible for feeling resolved around those issues. Healing comes as a result of deep personal power work, and while I can facilitate healing, healing cannot be bought directly.

Another way my services differ - you will receive homework! Time spent in active, honest, accurate and objective self reflection is the cornerstone of my work. This may take some people a fair amount of time outside of our sessions! I will provide the template and structure (unique to you) to follow the process of emotional release and reprogramming.

I like to be fully transparent in the fact that this work is NOT easy. The nitty gritty of who we are in this human lifetime can be messy and karmically interesting. Due to the sensitive nature of digging through the shadow self, I like to remind my clients that critical authentic review is crucial to an effective self healing. You may feel called out from time to time by my guides or yours. Do not forget that everyone with you on this journey of spirit are here to help you reach your fullest potential with love and care! You are deeply supported and there are no judgments in this practice!

I'm thrilled to provide practical support to people deeply committed to their own growth, people ready to transcend fear and anxiety (and respect the valuable teachers these feelings can be), and people ready to implement change through pattern breaking and self empowerment!

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